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Jet Tex - Blanc Texture
Drape the walls in your favorite prints with a distinctive attribute of semi-glossy finish, from JET TEX textured wall covers.

Customized Wallpapers are sure to display your distinctive taste on your interiors and at PicturePOD we use the Jet Tex fabric to medium to elevate your wallpaper’s look. JET TEX is a natural looking fabric, from the Evergreen Fabrics range that is lightweight, non-reflective and anti-curling. The Jet Tex Blanc makes an excellent choice for wallcoverings as it is PVC free and flame retardant. The JET TEX fabrics consist of polyester yarns and water-based coatings, its blanc texture is a great base to print your wallpaper as it creates perfect reproductions of images, art, logos, and patterns.

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