Q- Can I upload an image that I didn’t create?

A-No, all content uploaded by you must be your original creations/art work/designs. Please ensure copyright permissions before submitting images/content to Picture POD. Images with globally known brands (Nike, Coca cola, Microsoft, Disney, etc.) as the primary focus will not be accepted unless otherwise authorized.

Each account holder must accept that they are the owner of the uploaded design (and all components and parts of the design). Also as per the website’s terms and conditions, each customer accepts that they are the owner of the Intellectual Property rights (IP), or working on behalf of the owner of the IP, or have acquired the right to use the IP from the owner.


Q-Where do I upload images?

A- All uploads happen within Picturepod.ae during the order process. Images are uploaded on the ‘Smart Editor’ and these images are deleted from the server immediately after production.

For certain printing orders, we might request you to send us the image/design/art in a separate file via email. Our team of designers might get in touch with you to discuss the details of an order, this is done to ensure that the final printed product is as per your order.


Q- What is the ideal image size and resolution for printing?

A-At actual size, minimum resolution of the file can be 100dpi (dots per square inch) and 300dpi for enlargements. In case an image is of low resolution is uploaded on the Smart Editor, an automated message will alert the user.

Q- What are the accepted file types?

A-. jpg, .tiff, .eps, .ai (vector) and .pdf.


Q- How many pieces can I order at a time?

A- You can order up to five pieces in one order. If you wish to order more, please get in touch with us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q- Is there a minimum order for products?

A- Yes, certain items do have a minimum order. The minimum quantity order is stated in the individual product description.


Q-What if the image I upload is not of good quality/resolution?

A-Picture POD’s Smart Editor which will prompt you regarding the quality of the image, so that you can see its resolution. However, we do go through each order to check if the image size is appropriate for the layout. If required, we will ask for the right image size to complete your order. Until the correct file is received the production will be put on hold.


Q- How do I crop/resize/delete an image on the Smart Editor?

A- The Smart Editor uses standard icons and symbols for all editing actions, making it very easy for you to design online. Once you have uploaded an image on the Smart Editor, simply use the toolbar to edit the images as you please.

-to crop an image, you may use the 'clipping' tool which lets you select a part of the image that you wish to retain.

-to resize or reposition the image, you may use the ‘fit to height’, ‘fit to width’, fit to screen’, fit to center’ option or use the rectangular guidelines to change the positions and size of the image.

-to delete an image, you could simply select the image and press 'delete’ on your keyboard. Alternatively, you could locate the top-right guideline and press the ‘bin’ icon or right click the image and select the delete option from the menu. The Smart Editor toolbar also has an icon for delete.

 If you are having any difficulty in customizing your designs on the Smart Editor, get in touch with us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to help you.

Q- Can I seek a design opinion/service from Picture POD?

A-Our experts can design for you. Additional design charges are applicable, depending on the artwork and time. We will also need you to allow sufficient time for the order to be processed.

Q-Can I avail a sample?

A-. We highly recommend ordering a sample especially if you wish to order in bulk. Samples are charged depending on the material used and printing time. However, there are no returns on custom orders and no free samples.

Q- I ordered for a specific size of fine art print but it looks smaller.

A- Size of the finished fine art print includes the frame as well as its margin. The size selection in the editor for fine art refers to the outer size of the frame. Feel free to get in touch with the design team to add margin space to your art while placing the order.


Q- Where do you deliver?

A-We offer delivery across the United Arab Emirates.


Q- My order has been shipped, what next?

A-When your order is ready for delivery you will receive an email with tracking details.


Q- Can I track my order?

A-Yes, once your order has been dispatched, you will receive the tracking information and the details of the courier service. Picture POD will send you the notification of shipment via an email, which will have the information of the order and the tracking details.

Q- How much time will it take for me to receive my order?

A- Custom design lead time varies according to the order, however, most orders are delivered within 5 working days. The effective working days are Saturday to Thursday (excluding public holidays).

Picture POD uses reliable courier services to deliver your orders across UAE. Picture POD does its best to ensure delivery times, however delivery dates are not 100% guaranteed. In cases of bulk orders or premium personalized printing, we take time to ensure that you receive the best possible quality and hence printing times can vary based on the current order volume and the complexity of the task. You will receive a shipping confirmation email at the registered email address which will contain a tracking information of the courier service.  You can track the exact time of delivery from the same information.

Q-What if they try to deliver while I am out of the house?

A- The courier will first call you to fix a convenient time for delivery. Alternatively you may also ask the courier to deliver the item to your office or a different location if there is a scheduling issue.

If you are unavailable to receive the order and require the item to be shipped again, additional shipment charges will apply - even if the initial delivery was free.

Q: How can I check the exact price of my order?

A- Since each product is made as per your design, size and customization the prices vary. We will give you the exact price of the product, once you select and finalize the options before checkout. In case you have a specific request, please send a query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you within 1-2 working days with the exact quote.


Q-Do you have special rates if I wish to order in bulk?

A- Yes, we do have options where you can order some of the products in bulk quantity. To opt for the wholesale rate, please send a query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you within 1-2 days with a quote.

Q-How do I know the fit/size of a product?

A-We understand that seeing a product online might not give you the exact idea of its size or fit. We have mentioned the exact size in cms in all the products to help you estimate the size. Canvas prints and wallpapers are priced according to their size and we insist that you check the size before placing an order.

In case of apparel, we have a size chart at each order window that can help you decide the size for your order.



Q-How do I know the exact placement of the logo or print on the product?

A- The ‘Smart Editor’ gives you a fair idea of what the final product will look like. However, the actual printing process has an element of manual application and there might be slight variations in the final product.

Q- Do you offer free shipping above a certain value or on wholesale orders?

A- Yes, Free shipping for orders over 500 AED.

Q-What are the charges for shipping and handling of my order?

A-Exact shipping costs for all available shipping methods will be displayed during the checkout before you enter your credit/debit card information.

 *The estimated time for delivery is counted from the time you approve your digital proof (if applicable) or the confirmation of order

*Business days do not include weekends or any public holidays

*Orders placed after 3 pm, will be considered on next working day.


Q- How is the delivery costs for my order calculated?

A-  At Picture POD, we have a wide range of products. The shipping and delivery charges depend on the type of product type, quantity, cost of the packaging materials etc. Each order has its own delivery charge.


Q-Are there any restrictions or charges for oversized or heavy items?

A-Certain oversized and heavy items may have an extra shipping charge.

Q-Are there any instructions on how to care for t-shirts that are printed?

A- It is recommended to wait 24 hours, after the actual print transfer, before washing the product. Do not dry clean the t-shirt and wash it at maximum temperature of 45°C. Iron with the printed side head upside down. You may dry the t-shirts in dryer, however, do no use bleach or other harsh chemicals.


Q- How many washes will my printed t-shirt endure?

A- All fabric lose quality over time and printed t-shirts are no exception. While most printed t-shirts can last for 15-45 regular washes, the actual state of the t-shirt depends on the extent of your use, manner of washing, the detergents, softeners etc. used. Picture POD takes no responsibility for any product once it has been used by the customer.

Q- Can PicturePOD help me apply the wallpaper?

A- Yes, we do execute the final application of the wallpaper. Please select ‘with application’ while placing the order (additional charges apply). The minimum charge for application is AED 150. Actual charge vary on the size of the installation and are confirmed at the time of check out.


Q-What is the best way to apply a wallpaper?

A- Your wall must be clear of dust and your wall paint must be made with two coats of paint for the wallpaper to adhere properly. Customer is taking their own risk to judge if the surface is smooth enough to apply the decal sticker. In case you find that the wall sticker does not apply properly and request an exchange or refund - Picture POD will not honor it.


To recognize if a wall is smooth, please run your palm over the surface and if you feel some portion not regular/smooth, then the wall paint is not smooth and therefore the sticker will not stick. You can use a scotch tape to see if the scotch is holding well to the wall, as a method to be sure that the sticker will stick to the wall when you place your order.

Q-Do you have promotional offers or coupons?

A- Promotions and offers are subject to availability, please check the website regularly to find out about offers. We do not have any coupons at present.

Q- I would like to be informed about new offers and products, how can I receive this information?

A- Please subscribe to our newsletter, we will add you to the subscription list and we can inform you about the new offers and products. You can subscribe by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by providing your email address in the Subscription bar at the end of every page.

Q: How can I make payments?

A: Our checkout system accepts all major credit and debit cards as payment options. We do not have Cash on Delivery option at present.

Picture POD accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Q-Do I have to pay a sales tax or VAT on my order?

A-At the moment Picture POD does not charge any sales tax or VAT on any order. This is subject to UAE Government policies and can change in the future.

Q-Is my card information safe?

A-We follow strict security measures to ensure the safety of your credit/debit card information. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Q-How do I find the product that I want to buy?

A-1) You can type the product into the 'Search' box located at the top of every page.

2) You can easily browse by products by clicking on the drop down tabs on top of the page.

3) If you are looking for a special printing service and can’t find it on the website, feel free to write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get in touch with you.

Q- How do I place an order?

A-Once you have decided on the product, you can simply select the quantity and customize it. Each product has its set of customization options for colour, size, art etc. on the Smart Editor where you can preview the final look of the product, before adding them to the cart.  After adding all of the items, go to the 'cart' button, it will let you review the shopping and you can then checkout.

If you have a created an account with Picture POD, you can sign in by providing your email address and password. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a new account or continue as a guest.

As a guest you will need to provide a billing and shipping address before you Checkout. You can choose the preferred shopping method. On the final Order page, review your order, enter your credit/debit card information and click 'Place Order' to finalize your purchase.

Q- How do I create an account?

A-Simply click on the ‘login’ option at the top right side of the webpage. Provide details of your name and email and we will create an account for you. You can add details of your address and billing information in the account.

Q- I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

A- It is ok, it happens. If you cannot recall your password or login details to your account, we can help you access your information. Simply click the "Forgot your password?" link and type your registered email address. We will email you a new temporary password, do remember to set a new password right away.  If you have any problems with signing in to your account, contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Q-How do I change information in my account details?

A-You can change the information in your Picture POD account at any time. Simply, log into your account and choose the information that you would like to edit. Do save the new information.

Q-Can I have more than one billing/shipping address?

A-Yes, we understand that you might need to receive your orders at more than one place. You can easily change your address and billing information by going to my account>address>edit/add new. Do save the new information.

Q-How do I share the product’s details with a friend or on a social media website?

A-Each product’s details are provided on its page, if you wish to share this with a friend you may do so by clicking on ‘email a friend’.  You may share the images or product details on the social media, make sure that it is sourced to Picture POD. You can also see the logos for the social media platforms where Picture POD is active.

Q-Do you have a printed catalog?

A-Picture POD does not print a product catalog. We focus on selling printing services and products exclusively online, as it allows us the opportunity to interact with you, learn your preference and offer the best prices.

Q-What if my computer does not let me add items to my shopping cart?

A-You should be in a position to add products to your cart by selecting the quantity and clicking ‘add to cart’. If however, you are unable to so, the cookies setting might need to be changed. If the cookies are not enabled then this problem might occur. A cookie is a small piece of data stored in your web browser, it helps Picture POD remember information (such as items added in the shopping cart, your wish list etc.).

Internet Explorer- you may change your Cookies Settings by selecting: Start> Control Panel> Internet Options> Privacy> Advanced> Override Automatic Cookie Handling.

AOL - you may change your Cookies Settings by selecting: Settings> Preferences> Internet properties> Privacy and adjust the cookies settings.

Chrome- you may change your Cookies Settings by selecting: Tools> Options> Under the Hood> Content Settings in the Privacy section> and select Allow Local Data to be Set.

Firefox- you may change your Cookies Settings by selecting:  Tools> Options> Privacy> Use Custom Settings for History> Allow Cookies from Sites.

If you still can’t add items feel free to contact us and we will help you.

Q-How do I add or delete products from my order after I click Place Order?

A-You can make changes to your order only before you click 'Place Order', it will not be possible to make changes after that. You may create another order if you would like to add more products. Please note that there are no refunds against a confirmed order. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Q-How do I return an item?

A-All costs associated with returning products remains the responsibility of the customer wishing to cancel his/her order on the site. Picture POD will not bear the shipping and handling charges of the merchandise’s return. The customer will receive a refund for the value of the defective product only, all other charges will be borne by the customer. All the refunds, of any transaction amount against any purchase through this website, would be refunded through the original mode of payment only. Please read the refund policy.

Q-What if the delivered product is damaged or open?

A-We insist that you check the status of the packaging of the goods upon delivery and report any damage within 24 hours from the receipt of goods. If a product is damaged or open when it reaches you, please get in touch with us on phone and/or email and we will work to make amends. Please read the refund policy.

Q- What if I wish to return or exchange a product?

A-Since all the products are individually designed and customized, we do not accept requests for return or exchange. There is no cancellation of a confirmed order, however, if a wrong product has been delivered or a product with a defect or damage has reached the customer, we do consider making amends. Please refer to the refund policy for details.

Q-I don’t like the final look of the product. Can I return it?

A- If you are not pleased with the final product due to its specific color or the digital images, we would like to state that we display the most accurate colors on our website. Due to difference in the resolution of different computer monitors, there is a chance that there may be variation in the colour. Also, due to manual placement of printing there might be slight variation in the actual placement of the print, and that will be not be considered a valid ground for a refund or return. If you are ordering in bulk, we recommend ordering a sample to ensure that your order is as per your choice.

Q-What is your privacy policy?

A-Please read our complete privacy policy here.

Q-What is your cookies policy?

A-Please read our complete cookies policy here.

Q-What is your refund policy?

A-Please read our complete refund policy here.

Q-What is your Delivery policy?

A-Please read our complete delivery policy here.