Edit designs and finalize the perfect look for your custom printed products in a quick and fun way with Smart Editor.  Turn any photo you like into a keepsake canvas, fine art print, cushion, t-shirt, or cap.


Smart Editor is a free online editing and design tool that sits at the heart of Picture POD’s customized printing service. The idea behind the Smart Editor is simple - we wanted to make editing pictures and creating personalized products a fun thing to do.  Once you have decided the product that you like, simply upload images or artwork on the Smart Editor, customize them as you wish and make a secure payment to confirm the order. You can rely on the Smart Editor to provide you with great ideas and design support.


Here are the simple steps you can follow to create your own customized products:

You can also follow the Picture POD Blog to see our latest projects and learn more about customized printing.


The Smart Editor has many cool features that will inspire you to create more.

  • You can use your own images or access our partner sites- Pattern Designs and 123RF from the Smart Editor.
  • Add graphics like clip-art, text, logos, icons, images, patterns and lots more to create brilliant products!
  • Adjust the crop by dragging the squares at the corners of the guidelines. Cropping creates a new image by selecting a desired rectangular portion of the image being cropped and the unwanted part of the image is discarded. Cropping does not reduce the resolution of the area cropped.
  • Click on the text tool to enter text to appear on your image. There is an option of add text along a path so it can follow a curved line that suits your design.
  • Click on one of the corners or edges of the image’s guidelines and stretch to resize the image. The image may lose its proportions unless it is stretched from one of the diagonal corners at a 45-degree angle.
  • Click on an image and swap colors from the color bar above the image.
  • Simply click on the icon for rotate and you can flip the horizontally or vertically to fit your design. Use the ‘fit-to-height’, ‘fit-to-width’, ‘fit-to-screen’, ‘fit-to-center’ option or use the rectangular guidelines to change the positions and size of the image.
  • Simply select the image and press 'delete’ on your keyboard. You could press the bin icon on the top-right corner guideline or right-click the image and select the delete option from the menu. The Smart Editor Toolbar also has an icon for ‘delete item’.